Happy 8th Birthday to our Oldest Daughter!

Dear Jaden,

What a wonderful day we had on your birthday. It all started as you opened up the gift from your Daddy and me.  You were so excited when you pulled out an Anne of Green Gables Doll from the birthday bag! We snapped a few pictures and rushed to get ready for the Barter Theatre.  What did we see?  Anne of Green Gables…of course!

photo (2)


The play was great. My favorite part was when Matthew picked Anne up from the train station. That girl can talk! I hope you will always remember chatting with the cast.

10382279_861823967195169_465993592493836761_o 1496732_10205135073965402_2682951192368733350_n

They really loved your Anne doll. Can you believe how quickly the play was over? It took us months to read the book. I guess they had to leave a few parts out, or we would have been there all day! We had a tea party to get to.


I will always remember the excitement in your eyes and sweet little voice as we drove to your Anne of Green Gables tea party. Wasn’t it great celebrating with a bunch of giggly girls? What were the rules? The only boys allowed were the ones with sisters! Boys aren’t really into tea parties. But we needed at least one Gilbert Blythe. Right? And, your 3 brothers weren’t so bad either.

jaden birthday titus

It took a little coaxing to get your two oldest brothers to attend.  They were almost too embarrassed to have tea with a bunch of girls, but I think they had a pretty good time. And, I believe Jacob would bend over backwards for you. He proves it by spoiling you with gifts!


The menu we planned went over well: potato soup, turkey and ham sandwiches on homemade bread, and chips.  Don’t forget the sweet tea. We almost did.  Remember? Your cake and brownies were delicious, too. Thanks for helping me make them. I am so blessed to have you. I know Marilla Cuthbert would approve!

photo (6)

You have grown so much in the Lord recently. You dedicated your life to Jesus not so long ago, and it really shows! Your sweet little spirit shines through as you help me bake goodies for Reformers Unanimous each week and as you give to those in need. Your prayer time is always such a blessing as well. It melts my heart when you ask me how to spell certain names as you record them in your prayer journal. Thanks for always showing unconditional love.

photo (3)

Thanks for sharing your special day with me! Wasn’t it fun celebrating Anne of Green Gables’ style? I can’t believe you are already 8 years old. I still see you as the little 2 year old who twirled my hair so you could fall asleep. How did 6 years go by so quickly? I. Do. Not. Know! There is one thing I know for certain: you get sweeter each year. And, I am very grateful.

IMG95201411089513285295445 (2)

Maybe one day we can visit Prince Edward Island together. Would you go to Anne’s old stomping ground with me? We would have a blast! I love you little lady!

Love Always,



Your Birthday Interview:

How old are you? 8

What is your favorite food? Pizza

What do you hope you never have to eat again? Broccoli

What is your favorite thing to do? Cartwheels and handstands

What is your favorite animal? A kitten

What makes you happiest? A baby Kitten

What is the best memory from when you were 7? The day I ate that donut that Neannie bought me.

What is one thing you’d like to do while you are 8? Have a kitten

What would you like to be when you grow up? A pet shop owner

What is your favorite song? I Wonder How it Felt

Where is your favorite place to eat? Home 🙂

What is your favorite book? Fancy Nancy

Where would you like to go on vacation? Pigeon Forge

What would you like the world to know? God is here.

Psalm 32:8 – I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.

Want to see how much Jaden has changed the past two years?

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1 Response to Happy 8th Birthday to our Oldest Daughter!

  1. Nikki Walker says:

    I love how you journal her birthdays!! What sweet memories these will be as she grows older! Sorry if I missed saying Happy Birthday Jaden!!! You are a kind soul and we love u bushels!!

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