Happy 5th Birthday Little Spider-Man

Dear James,

I can’t believe your 5th birthday has come and gone! Are you really five? You waited in anticipation for months. You asked again and again, “How many days until my birthday, Mommy?” For me, all those months of asking went by so quickly. Can’t I hold time still for just a little? Handsome boy, you are growing up way too fast.


But, the Lord knows what’s best, so he blessed you with birthday number 5! Thank you for traveling so far just to spend time with me. You were too cute as we celebrated all afternoon. The pizza place you picked was absolutely delicious! We all loved it. Your kisses and bear hugs made our dinner date absolutely perfect. How did you get so sweet little buddy?


After dinner, you made it clear that Toys R Us was exactly where you wanted to be. I believe your older brother and sisters were just as excited as you. They watched as you browsed through all the toys and took part in your search by asking, “Do you want this James? Do you like that one? Or, how about these?” And your thoughtful reply? “No thanks.” How precious you are when you use your manners! It was no surprise when you made your final decision: a little stuffed Spider-Man and a kit filled with all different kinds of dinosaurs. Of course! Those are your favorites!!

IMG_2111 IMG_2110


The best part of the entire evening was when we stopped to get slushies. Daddy had a great idea! Didn’t he? You and Jacob were so excited when you read the flavors and Spider-Man was listed on that wooden sign.


Last but not least, on May 28th, Jayce looked so cute in his dinosaur sleeper. His first real outfit from home. You are breaking him right in. You are teaching him the ropes. Thanks for already loving him and being such a great big brother.


You definitely have all of our hearts. And like you always tell me, you are a sweet sweet human. Keep singing for the Lord “Baby” James!! We love you more than you will ever know.

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy 🙂


photo (2) photo (1)

We had a great time at your Spider-Man party just a few days later! It was a blast celebrating at Wallabies with some of your closest friends!

Your Birthday Interview:

How old are you? 5

What is your favorite food? Mac and Cheese

What do you never want to eat again? Tomatoes

What is your favorite thing to do? Watch movies

What is your favorite animal? Saber Tooth Tiger

What makes you happiest? Seeing Jayce

What is your best memory from when you were 4? Going to the beach

What is one thing you want to do when you are 5? Play with my animals

What do you want to be when you grow up? A farmer

What is your favorite song? Jesus Loves the Little Children

What is your favorite place to eat? McDonalds

What is your favorite book? Noah’s Ark

Where do you want to go on vacation when you are 5? South America or maybe Richmond to see Heather. I don’t really know anyone in South America.

What would you like the world to know? Monkeys swing around in the jungle. Tigers hunt and scare plant eaters like deer and koalas. Gorillas eat mangoes. Bumble bees swarm around flowers to get their nectar. Black snakes like to eat eggs.

(I believe we may have a little zoologist on our hands. He takes after his Mommy! ;))

John 15:12 – This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.

Want to see how much he has changed? Click on his birthday posts under his name on the right.






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