Happy 3rd Birthday!

Dear Littlest Guy,

We have been so blessed to share our home with you for over two years now. Not one single day of this journey has been easy. But, seeing the progress you have made makes each day so worth it.

Your smile has came out more and more this past year. There is no denying, at no fault of your own, the first year or so was unlike anything that any of us have ever traveled before. But, you have let your guard down little by little. It’s been a blessing to see you learn how to trust, laugh, and play.

We have no idea how long you will be with us, but we know God knows all things. We are trusting His perfect plan for your life and ours. He has not revealed His plan to any of us just yet. So, until He shows us the final outcome, we will continue to love and hug on you while we wait for His answer! We will keep our focus on one day at a time. One day at a time..

And, today, we say a big Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Simba!

Psalm 34:4 – I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Birthday Interview:

How old are you? 3

What’s your favorite food? hot dogs

What do you hope you never have to eat again? potatoes

What’s your favorite thing to do? play

What’s your favorite animal? horses

What makes you happy? Simba

What’s the best memory from when you were two? “I road a rollercoaster. Rachel go with us!”

What is one thing you would like to do when you are 3? Go see Buzz Lightyear

What would you like to be after you grow up? Buzz Lightyear – and fly everywhere

What’s your favorite song? Baby Shark

What’s your favorite place to eat? McDonalds

What’s your favorite book? Curious George

Where would you like to go on vacation? Disney World

What would you like everyone to know? Trees get the leaves off.

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