Legoland Florida Theme Park

Today we started off with a free breakfast inside the Lighthouse at the Legoland Beach Retreat. It was a great breakfast with a wide variety of food. The kids ate really well.



After breakfast, we headed to the theme park. The day was so nice. The weather was perfect and the lines were super short! We really didn’t wait more than 5 minutes most of the day.



Each child seemed to have favorite parts of the park. Jayla and Jaden were excited about seeing the characters from Lego Friends. Jayla also loved riding a few roller coasters. This was a first for her.




AJ loved Duplo Valley. Jayce slept through that section, but I know he would have liked it as well. There were plenty of other rides that he got to ride.


James said he loved every part of the whole park. He plays with Legos a lot at home. I think he really liked exploring the Lego cities. He has a very creative mind, so I know his wheels were turning. He didn’t want to ride the bigger rides like the older kids, but he still enjoyed his day. Sometimes I forget that he is only 8, and it is okay that roller coasters still seem scary to him. There were more rides geared towards his age anyway.

Jacob really enjoyed all the larger rides. He is my thrill seeker and isn’t really scared of anything. He always tells me that I worry too much. I’ve gotten over a lot of fears though. Life is too short to be worrying all the time. He liked the Lost Kingdom Adventure and Flying School the most. He is always so good about riding the rides with the younger kids, too. He wants to make their day special. Jaden is the same way. They love seeing their siblings happy.


All the different sections were really neat and worth exploring. All the kids said they want to come back again one day. As a mom, I highly recommend it. The day was so peaceful and fun for the kids. The layout of the park is really nice and well thought out.



20180129_115147It is geared toward kids 12 and under. If you love huge roller coasters, it might not be for your family. Our day was planned strictly for the kids to enjoy. And, they all had a great time!



(Jayce was literally asleep standing up in this picture. He took a long nap right after this. 😴)


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