Happy 6th Birthday Sweet James

Dear James,

It doesn’t seem like you were 5 years old for 365 days! This past year has flown by. It seems like it was just yesterday when we celebrated your 5th birthday in Johnson City because your little brother was in the hospital.


But, since last May, you faithfully counted down the days until you finally hit the 28th of May once again. Your counting reminded me that you are growing up a little more each day. You did some pretty amazing things while you were five.

You learned that reading is not so bad.

IMG_0825You figured out that problems that focus on the order of operations aren’t too difficult.IMG_0849You realized that riding your bike without training wheels gets you where you want to go at a faster rate.


But, the most amazing thing happened on May 9th. You asked Jesus to come into your heart. May 9, 2015 is the day your name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Praise the Lord! I am so thankful that Daddy and I were chosen to lead you to the Lord. It is a time we will never forget. We are so proud of you sweet boy.

Even though we didn’t wake up in the same house for two birthdays in a row, I am certain you were super content with Mawmaw spoiling you once again.


Little Jayla didn’t choose to have surgery on your birthday! As we have learned from experience, things don’t always go as we plan.



My heart melted when I heard that even though you don’t care for them so much, you requested deviled eggs to be a part of the birthday lunch that Mawmaw made. Why did you make that request? Because you wanted to surprise your older sister and brother. You know that they love deviled eggs, and you wanted to make them feel special. You really are a sweet boy.

20150528_143015You prove your sweetness time and time again. I love to hear you say, “I love you Jaden,” “Jayla is my sweetie,” or “I love you so much my sweet mama!” Don’t ever outgrow those random acts of chivalry, buddy! It shows that you know how to be a true gentleman.  

And, you care about your daddy and brothers just as much.       I felt so much relief when Jayla’s surgery was over, and we knew she was going to be okay.  She was so ready to wish you a Happy Birthday in person, and so was I.  

That afternoon, we had a great celebration at your favorite restaurant. We over indulged on tacos and rice. It was so cute when you told the waitress that it was your birthday, but it was even cuter when you very politely asked her to please make sure you didn’t get a lot of ice cream rubbed on your face. The waiter listened for the most part.20150528_192329

I would call your birthday dinner a great success. But, your Junie B. Jones party that took place one day late was an even bigger hit! The party got off to a perfect start at the Barter Theatre. The play was great. That Junie B. Jones is something else.

 But, spending the afternoon at home with a few of your closest friends made it even better.  Junie B. would have loved the lemonade and sugar cookies!    

Thank you for so graciously sharing your party with two of your brothers and one of your sisters. That’s just how things happen when you have several brothers and sisters with birthdays somewhat close to yours.


You don’t ever seem to care or complain. If I remember correctly, you are the one that prayed for twin siblings when you were four. 😉 God answered your pray by giving you just one more brother! One more brother with a birthday very close to yours! He always knows what we need.

Keep shining for the Lord sweet boy! Keep shining for the Lord. Your whole family loves you more than you will ever know.


Your Mommy

I loved seeing your smile when you got your first library card. It’s one of the highlights of turning 6. I am sure all of the wild animal books will be checked out to your card multiple times. I look forward to learning more from them with you! 


James’s Birthday Interview:

How old are you? 6

What is your favorite food? bananas, cherries, and strawberries

What do you hope you never have to eat again? deviled eggs – I don’t think I would like brussels sprouts either

What is your favorite thing to do? play outside in the water

What is your favorite animal? I love every animal.

What makes you happy? When people smile at me, and when Mommy gives me a hug and kiss.

What is the best memory from when you were 5? getting Christmas presents

What is one thing you’d like to do while you are 6? play on the slip n slide and color

What would you like to be when you grow up? an animal rescuer

What is your favorite song? Thy Word is a Lamp Unto my Feet

Where is your favorite place to eat? The Mexican Restaurant and Subway

What are your favorite books? Peter Rabbit and Winnie the Pooh

Where would you like to go on vacation? to South America so I can see a jaguar

What would you like the world to know? I love animals.

Do you want to see how much James has changed? https://learninggodsway.wordpress.com/category/lets-reminisce-and-reflect/james/

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