Look Who’s Two

Dear Jayla,

March 27th was your special day, but two years ago today, we nervously carried you from that Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. As I have watched you grow these past two years, the NICU moments and uncertainties have been pushed further and further to the back of my mind.

467459_371038289607075_1577736680_o467459_371038269607077_563792296_oWhy? Because you have met every milestone right on time or ahead of schedule especially the mischievous, I need to explore everything around me one. 😉 You definitely keep all of us on our toes! But, we wouldn’t want it any other way. You are so full of life!


We would be lost without your sweet little high pitched “WUV” you. It melts our hearts. You have all of us wrapped around your little finger. You depend on your “JJ” to wait on you hand and foot. And, you laugh and giggle as Jacob bounces you through the house as he takes you for a horsey ride. You guys have fun hiding in clothes hampers, too. James kisses and hugs you a hundred times a day and calls you his precious Jayla time and time again. You love going places with Daddy. “I go with Daddy. I go with Daddy,” you say.  He has you spoiled rotten. I am so grateful! As for me, I absolutely adore those special words you say over and over each day, “I hold you, Mommy.” They never grow old!

jaden jayla1391783_650946771616224_333678045_n470272_385901998120704_213760585_o

1077294_604836816227220_157143122_o (1)james jayla1381811_638685216175713_850064733_n10013920_730556923655208_826597194_n564207_364650126912558_1870988385_n

jayla jamie



Thank you sweet girl for bringing smiles to our faces every single day. You light up our world. And, although you were a little under the weather on your birthday, you didn’t let it get you down. We still had a lot of fun celebrating your second birthday with you. We love you Baby Jayla and look forward to watching you grow more and more each year! I praise the Lord and thank Him for helping you come so far!

Love Always,

Mommy 🙂

jayla presents 1jayla presents 2jayla presents 3jayla presents 4

jayla pancakesjayla birthday all




jayla train 2jayla train 

I Chronicles 29:13 – Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name.














































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