A Somewhat Spring Day

As I gazed out the window on this somewhat spring day, I couldn’t help but stare as my kids laughed and played.  Refreshment, aliveness, and contentment hit me all at once.  Peace filled my soul at the thought of what a blessing it is to be their mother. A simple, “Mommy will you play with me,” got me out the door.  Sweet memories were made as I watched the kids being little pioneers.

Joy was unmistakable as I witnessed Jaden’s excitement as she rode her favorite horse down the long gravel drive for the very first time. She whispered, “I can do it, Daddy.”


Laughter and panic came quickly as James so calmly uttered, “Look Mommy, I see something,” as a skunk sauntered right under his nose as he stood at the rippling creek’s edge. What a wonderful time we had watching “Jimmy” Skunk make his great escape.  He was doing so well until “Bowser the Hound” aka George got a whiff of him.  Thornton Burgess books weave nature stories together so well.  We never complain when we actually get to live the things we have read.


As things quickly settled back down, my heart skipped a few beats while Jacob swung in the rafters of the “work in progress” sheep shed. A Saturday project that was so fitting for a Pawpaw, a Daddy and his two boys. Who says a family driven barn raisin’ is old fashioned?

20130310_162439-1 (1)

Love placed smiles upon our faces as we all took turns playing on the seesaw the kids’ Pawpaw made them the day before.  Fancy toys and store bought are not needed when you have a few boards and an old rounded log.  Tears flooded my heart as I saw that their Pawpaw had taken the time to show them how much he cares.  As they rose up and down, James politely said, “Pawpaw is a good builder, Mommy.”


A kind of love that is so indescribable overcame me as I was reminded once again that these brothers and sisters truly are best friends.


And, what contentment I felt as James asked for a little boost. My pleasure, little buddy.  My pleasure…


Peace. Peace wrapped its arms around me as I watched Jamie walk back up the gravel lane with his two little girls.  Jayla was asleep on his shoulder and spunky little Jaden clasped his hand as if there was no one else in the world.

20130310_163300-1 (1)

What peace I find in the ones who love me.  What peace my Heavenly Father has given me because he loved me first.  His son shed His blood for me. It is His love that shows me how to love others.  He is the only reason that I have unconditional love for the blessings that He is letting me borrow.  I am in awe of the joy, peace, and happiness that He has given me as He is teaching me to be a godly wife and mother.  His love for me is so inspiring. I cling to his word every day, especially John, Romans, and Proverbs as of lately. I strive to know more. What a high price He paid for my happiness. His love is everlasting.  His love is amazing.  His love is joyful.  His love is peaceful.  Oh what a friend I have in Jesus. Please Lord, don’t ever let my desire to feel your love fade away!

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John 8:31-32: Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on Him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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