Laughable Conversations!

Since I posted last, we have had Father’s Day, church camp, and a day at the library.  We have also started reading a new book (Grandpa’s Box by Starr Meade), and I have been searching for curriculum to use with the kids this fall.  There have been a lot of posts that have been going through my mind, but I just haven’t taken the time to take them from my head to the computer screen.  But, instead of writing about any of the above topics, today, I am going to do a short post on some laughable conversations that I have had with the kids over the past few weeks.

** The kids and I will play fast fact games while we are in the car.  Here is a laughable conversation between Jaden and me during one of those games.

Me:  What type of clouds are those Jaden?

Jaden:  Umm..white ones!

Me:  Jaden what type of tree is a Christmas tree?

Jaden:  A pineapple one?

(She was trying to think of pine cone).

**Another funny moment in the kitchen:

Jaden:  Chocolate is not really that good for you.

Me:  It’s not?

Jaden:  That’s why I only eat one piece a day.

**Jaden and James are always bringing me flowers that they have picked.  Here is a laughable conversation that I had with Jaden yesterday.

Jaden:  Mommy, look I picked you some pretty flowers.  And, I even left the roots on them, so they won’t die.

Me:  Oh, those are beautiful because those are the Marigolds Daddy planted! 🙂

Jaden:  Well, I found them over near the woods.

** I always like to strike up conversations with James just to see what he will come up with.  He is too cute not to talk to.

Me:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

James:  You have to be big to do that.  I don’t want to be big like Daddy.

**One day last week when the older two and Daddy were at camp:

Me:  What do you want to do tomorrow James?

James: Ummm…I want to have my birthday.

**And one from last night before going to sleep:

Me:  I love you, Jamesy.

James:  I’m James!

Me:  I love you, James!

**Here is one more funny moment that happened on Father’s Day between Jacob and James as we were frantically trying to visit all of the grandpa’s.

Jacob:  When I am sixteen, I will be a teenager.

James:  And, I will be a Power Ranger.

(I am glad that Jacob has not realized that he will actually be a teenager when he is 13.  Shhh…don’t tell him!)

Thank you Lord for these precious moments that I have had with my sweet blessings.  They are so precious to me.  Amen!

What are some cute things your kids have said to you lately?

Matthew 18:10  — Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.

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