Happy 16th‼️

Dear Jacob,

I really cannot believe that you are actually 16 years old. How has 16 years flown by so quickly? I can still remember sitting in that hospital room looking down into your eyes for the first time. You made my dreams come true. You made me a mommy!

You were the best baby. For months and months, I sat and held you all day and night. I never thought I would ever have to look up to see your big blue eyes. Goodness, it has all happened way too quickly.

In just two short years from now, you could fly this coop. I’m praying you stick around a few more than that if it’s God’s will. You are such a big help around here and to your daddy. He enjoys you being able to work with him.

You have learned so much in your 16 years. You haven’t came across anything that you can’t build or create. You amaze me more and more each day.

Most importantly, your love for the Lord shines through in the way you love your family and your friends. I’m so thankful that God chose you to be my firstborn. I love you more than words could ever say. Thanks for being so patient and showing so much grace over the past 16 years.

Love Always,

Mommy 💚

Jacob’s Birthday Interview

How old are you? 16

What is your favorite food? seafood

What do you hope you never have to eat again? I like all the foods that I have ever eaten.

What is your favorite thing to do? spending time outdoors

What is your favorite animal? dogs

What makes you happy? fishing

What is the best memory from when you were 15? fishing on Bald Head Island with Branson

What is one thing you’d like to do while you are 16? get my driver’s license

What would you like to do when you grow up? a home inspector or an occupational therapist

What is your favorite song? Almost Home by Mercy Me

Where is your favorite place to eat? Red Lobster or Kobe’s Japanese

What is your favorite book(s): The Adventures of Arty Anderson, Poison in the Colony: Jamestown 1622, and Blood on the River: Jamestown 1607

Where would you like to go on vacation? Bald Head Island

What would you like everyone in the world to know? Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He’s the only way to Heaven.

John 13:7 – Jesus answered and said unto him, what I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.

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2 Responses to Happy 16th‼️

  1. Robin Rush says:

    Dear Jacob, Happy 16th Birthday. You are awesome and have been a pleasure to watch grow up. You are a blessing to your family. I wish you many many more birthdays. Enjoy your day!

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